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Topp Textil GmbH has set itself the goal of coating thin, tension-sensitive and elastic textiles with different polymers using an innovative extrusion line in order to be able to produce multilayer open and closed laminates in a single work step.

The new system makes it possible for the first time to coat with extremely precise application weights, thus opening up new market potentials and new fields of application for fine composite materials.

In addition, the process offers considerable advantages in terms of resource efficiency and environmental impact compared with the solvent-based coating systems previously used and the film laminations applied via flatbed laminating machines.

In addition to the extrusion process on narrow and broad textiles up to 180 cm with an application weight of 20-300 g/m², Topp Textil GmbH has the following other technologies at its disposal:

  • wet adhesive coating
  • dry adhesive coating
  • hot adhesive coating
  • cold adhesive coating