Particular success requires special ways

Gerhard Topp would have probably not foreseen the development of his small company in the Allgaeu that he founded in 1945: The company whose focus was on the production of carpets, bias bindings and coatings has steadily increased and is now established internationally - not least, because the founder Gerhard Topp invented the seamless bias binding, which was absolutely revolutionary at his time. Due to his pioneering spirit we have today's worldwide industrial standard to develop a bias binding from a tube.

The family business is currently managed by the third generation. Dr. Stefan Topp is now the Director (after Volker Topp). Business focus is the production of tapes and textiles as well as the development of textile solutions; Here, the company is always focused on the individual needs of the industry and the customers. A total of 185 employees work at the four sites in Germany, Italy and Romania. Linchpin is the head office in Durach in the Allgaeu where the Topp Textil GmbH has been based since the 90s.

At the largest of its sites in Durach the company has at its disposal various laminating, printing and finishing processing in addition to its in-house weaving mill. Topp offers complete and customized solutions for textiles from stitches and fabrics to finishing and coating to the point of special parts: In the fashion, technology and the hometex sector the team exploits of well-tried but always develops new things - to get inspired consistently and to strike out on new paths is a fixed part of the corporate philosophy and important condition of their growth.

For the clothing industry under Topp®Fashion the range offers various fabrics and tapes out of different materials and colours. Fashionable competency is bunched with a large collection of 1.800 basic articles of knitted and warp knitted fabrics as well as flat woven fabrics which are available on stock at the site in Italy.

Technical textiles are developed under Topp®Techtex specifically for the requirements of each industry. They are suitable for the Automotive and Aerospace Industry, Mechanical Engineering as well as the Medical and the Environmental Technology. Also in this area Topp comes up with a wide range of production possibilites - from flat fabric to coating and finishing up to specific components. Plants in Eastern Europe offer the opportunity for small batch production.



And there are more special features made by Topp: For example Topp®Tube - textile tubes and endless bias fabrics with high yarn counts up to 1800 mm width. They enable tubular fabrics without selvedge with uniform technical requirements. In addition, bias fabrics of elastic textiles are suitable for mapping threedimensional structures. Also an in-house invention is Topp®Seal: The different technical sealing tapes are used to seal seams which are subject to high demands and are exposed to loads on a variety of surfaces.

Insofar as processing is concerned the Topp Textil GmbH has also something at the ready. Cutting, punching, perforating, sewing, laminating, glueing, printing - everything is feasible and variations are selectable. They cut hot or cold, straight, semi-bias or bias, if desired cut to length. Topp offers various wet, dry and hotmelt glueing methods and in the area of printing surface and gravure printing, screen or Transfer printing.

One thing becomes apparent: The Topp Textil GmbH is one of the drivers of innovation in its sector in reference to what they do and how they do it. What is the secret of the continued success - in addition to their flexibility, the courage to try something new and the high fashion and technical Expertise?

There is one more major factor: Topp is a social and ecological exemplary company. From the management to the production the employees work wholeheartedly. Fairness and transparency are essential for the motivation of employees and are therefore being supported as well as self-contained action and creativity. Everyone has the opportunity to develop individually in the company. Cooperation, Team spirit and respectful interaction with each other make the pleasant working atmosphere. In Addition to many special services, between 50 % to 85 % of the achieved profit has been distributed to the employees since 12 years - an additional bonus of Topp Textil.

Responsibility is also an important part of the company’s credo: The conscientious use of environmental resources and the protection of the environment are an essential part of daily activities. Rainwater is collected and used for the production and the management, the in-house cafeteria is cooking with organic ingredients, for heating of the building solar energy is used and the electricity of the company is based 100 % on renewable electricity - and it all comes from the region. As a regional family business Topp aims optimal conditions for the people in the company and a continuous improvement of its environmental performance. The intention: to remain credible by transparency.

Authentic, ambitious and open-minded - the core of the brand Topp Textil paved and paves the way further into the future. CEO Dr. Stefan Topp assumes a steady growth in sales also in the coming years. He is already planning a renewed expansion of the site in Durach, the increased integration of the sites abroad and a further increasing internationalization. After the entire brand was adapted and modernized from the logo to the business equipment up to the website last fall, also in the matter of marketing nothing gets in the way of these expectations. The message is clear: Inspired by textiles Topp remains on target as creative director and enriches the industry – the founders pioneering Spirit is still blowing through the house.

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