Leitbild Topp Textil GmbH

Corporate Vision


The center of our acting are satisfied customers. Our basic ambition is a long-lasting and cooperative business relationship with our target customers for who we want to be a reliable partner.

This includes:

  • Interest in the business idea and the needs of our customers
  • A stabilization of the customer retention through an active and open communication tailored to our customers
  • our input to the business success of our target customers, through
  • our individual problem-solving competences
  • the development of innovative products
  • individual tailored service features
  • fast and reliable service (inquiries, deliveries, etc.)

We collaborate in a structural and cooperative way with our elected suppliers to be able to benefit mutually.

This includes:

  • an open and unambiguous communication with clear quality specifications and targets
  • taking into consideration the demands of quality and fair pricing
  • to advance common product developments
  • the observation of social and ecological standards (see Supplier Guideline on Sustainability)

Satisfied and motivated employees are consistent with this intention. Individual commitment and mutual appreciation are necessary preconditions for the common success. Our corporate culture is characterized by fairness and transparency as well as the opportunity to act responsible and independent.

This includes:

  • openness and honesty with mutual recognition, trust and acceptance.
  • a flat hierarchy with a cooperative management style which is well coordinated with the circumstances and needs of the employees (e.g. joint excursions and events, individual education and support programs, flexible working hours, working – life accounts and if possible part-time work and home office)
  • ergonomics in the workplace
  • the opportunity to be involved in the essential business processes
  • the encouragement and rewarding of initiative, creativity and the assumption of responsibility
  • as well as the combination of success and profit participation for all employees of our company on the basis of annual appraisal interviews with target agreements and performance reviews .
Social and ecological responsibility

To take responsibility for people and the environment/nature in our area of influence are an elementary part of our corporate policy. Beyond the observation of the environmental demands we go for a continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

In our primary area of influence as a regional family-owned enterprise this includes among other things

  • to set priorities on values such as “sustainability” and “acceptance of responsibility” to safe jobs and to protect the environment and not on short-term and maximum profit seeking,
  • extensive conservation of natural resources by encouraging the use of renewable raw materials and energy sources as well as the recyclability of the products (among other things rainwater harvesting system, solar heat, photovoltaics, whenever possible use of regional organic products in the in-house lunchroom)
  • Continuous sensitization of our employees to act environmentally friendly
  • Minimisation of polluting emissions and waste prevention
  • Use of environmentally friendly substances

Additionally this includes:

  • written profiles of requirements (see Supplier Guideline on Sustainability) and additional sample tests which ensure the observation of social and environmental standards at our suppliers